NPH Rep Circuit

The NPH Rep Circuit was born out of a growing demand in Canadian Basketball. With the success of our talent in the NBA, NCAA and recent Toronto Raptors championship run, the game has exploded from coast to coast. With that, the appetite for youth club basketball has evolved, and a club league that combines high level competition with exposure opportunities for the next level is here.

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More Exposure Opportunities

The NPH Exposure Camp

NPH Exposure Camps discover the Nation's top prospects from coast-to-coast and guide them to the next level.

The National Preparatory Association

The NPA is a national high school prep league that provides structure within Canadian basketball and builds culture for the game across the country. The NPA is evolving basketbal in Canada by providing student-athletes an opportunity to play prep hoops and rise as stars on their home soil.

The Canadian National Invitational Tournament

Being Canada's only NCAA Certified Tournament makes the CNIT a unique exposure opportunity that brings together the best clubs from across the country to compete for the national crown. National supremacy awaits!
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NPH Video Exposure

Video exposure maximizes recruitment opportunities for student-athletes. Player, team highlights and full game services are available to showcase the unique skill-set and attributes of a player. For more information, contact

NPH Recruitment Consultations

Every student-athlete is different, and therefore requires a specific set of needs, in order to build their plan of action for success. In addition to the prospect having a game plan, it is equally important that parents are aware and engaged in order to provide the necessary support within the growth process. For more information, contact