The foundation of the NPH National Showcase Circuit is based on Three Pillars

Character Development

Representation is everything. The way that players portray themselves to the general public will both open and close scholarship opportunities. The #NPHShowcase offers social media and academic seminars to help boost recruitment and prepare student-athletes for the next level.

Skill Development

NPH has partnered with Mihai Raducanu of No Limit Performance and Kyle Julius of A-Game Hoops to offer high level skill development and training. Raducanu and Julius brings NCAA, CIS, National team and Professional experience player and coaches, while working with Canada’s top basketball talent.

National Exposure

North Pole Hoops has developed a wide network of NCAA, CIS, CCAA & JUCO programs to bridge Canada’s top talent. The #NPHShowcase offers extensive National media coverage through, and a challenging environment for prospects to compete head-to-head, while being evaluated by post-secondary coaches. The #NPHShowcase is a one-of-a-kind camp offered to Canadian prospects across the country. Our dedicated staff strives to provide an unforgettable basketball experience. Don’t miss out on your opportunity!

Three pillars have put together the foundation for the NPH Showcase Circuit; Character Development, Skill Development and National Exposure. In our travels across Canada over the past 5 years our scouting team has recognized patterns and nuances that create a packaged player for the next level and it is our duty to share this information with Showcase Campers that are working to reach the highest levels. At camp, players will receive feedback on the strengths and weaknesses while also coming to self-realization as to where their game and mindset is at in comparison to the top competition in their region.


The North Pole Hoops Showcase is an ideal platform for Canadian high school prospects to get their names recognized by coaches at the collegiate level; whether that be in the NCAA Division I, Division II, CIS, JUCO or CCAA. North Pole Hoops scouts are evaluating talent daily to ensure maximum exposure for the talent in our country. The Showcase circuit has been able to help us identify student-athletes that otherwise would not have had the opportunity.


NPH Showcase Alumni List

100+ NPH Showcase Alumni have moved on to play at the post-secondary level (NCAA, CIS, CCAA) and have obtained scholarships. Campers have used the NPH Showcase to “BREAK OUT” on the National scene, while others have attended to compete, learn, absorb information to grow on and off the floor. NPH is proud to continue covering the careers of camp alumni, from elementary school all the way to the PROs!