The NPH Mentorship and Recruitment Consultation

Mentorship and Recruitment Consultations provide guidance for families through a specifically catered plan of action to meet the goals of a student-athlete of reaching the next level.

About Mentorship and Consultations

Every student-athlete is different, and therefore requires a specific set of needs, in order to build their plan of action for success. In addition to the prospect having a game plan, it is equally important that parents are aware and engaged in order to provide the necessary support within the growth process.

Consultations are administered by NPH recruitment professionals and tackle topics such as prospect evaluation, goal setting, identity building process, raising self-confidence, and bridging communication with prep & post-seconary recruiters.

For information please email or message the NPH team: | @northpolehoops

More Exposure Opportunities

NPH Video Exposure

Video Exposure maximizes recruitment opportunities for student-athletes. Player, team highlights and full game services are available to showcase the unique skill set and attributes of a player. For more information, contact